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Honoring our Essential Workers and Elders

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

In the spirit of giving back, TRUSIC World & Hudson Valley Vegan Food Festival sponsored over 300 meals for the essential workers and elderly citizens of Newburgh, New York. We had wonderful and immune boosting food literally picked straight from a farm and brought to table, prepared by our friends at Bliss Kitchen & Wellness Center.

First stop was to the essential workers at Cornerstone Family Healthcare who have done a stellar job at serving the most financially at risk members of our community. Their whole organization does a great job at caring for the community in ways that doesn’t leave the person in debt. They make it a point to never file for collections and accept almost everyone who comes through their doors for medical treatment. Great staff and wonderful place.

Next we went to Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, the central hospital in Newburgh, NY. They were hit hard by an influx of COVID-19. “I was told that they had 99% of their staff show up on a daily basis and fearlessly worked together to treat all the patients!”, says TRUSIC World founder - Sam "SES Vth" Simmons. From the Environmental Service staff, Nurses, Doctors, Food preparers, and all other professional staff- they came to work ready and willing to fight the “fire”. With so many donations to the “day shift” employees from others in the community we decided to take care of the “evening shift” workers. The staff at St. Luke’s were extremely humbled and over joyed that we thought of them. We continue to be humbled by the work and sacrifice they make in serving our community.

Our last stop was to Burton Towers to feed over 125 of our elderly citizens. We got word that they had lost a few residents due to COVID-19 and we felt it was only right to take care of them since they are the most at risk among our population. As most may know, they cannot afford to go shopping as often as they’d like to. This was our way of reminding them that they are loved and valued members of our community.

All in all, we are thankful to be able to serve and are inspired to do it more regularly. Special thanks to Hari Raval (and staff), Felicia Hodges Burks, Malcolm Burks, Dev " Sire Si" Simmons, Armani Balaguer, and Julius Simmons for contributing their time and hearts to help pack up and deliver all these meals. The meals were truly delicious!

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