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Recording artist and producer SES Vth (SES Fifth) is what you get when you sync the mind of an artist with the soul of a revolutionary. 


Born and raised in Newburgh, New York, SES’ music is inspired by his journey of growth through one of the harshest cities in America. His passion for music and uplifting his community lead to the creation of the lifestyle brand of music known as TRUSIC (True, Righteous, Unique, Successful, Inspiring, and Creative) and the multimedia entertainment company, TRUSIC Music, LLC.


Since releasing his first mix-tape in 2010, SES has performed on numerous stages and has collaborated with a plethora of artists and producers from around the country. As a TRUSICian, SES uses Hip-Hop as a vehicle for expressing his mind, inspiring others and raising collective awareness.  As a community leader, he believes Hip-Hop, activism and education go hand-in-hand – and music is just one of the many ways in which he gives back to a city that has given so much to him. 


When he is not in the studio, TRUSIC Music’s head executive can be found organizing community events like the Hudson Valley Vegan Food Festival, free film screenings, peaceful protests, mentorship programs and community cleanups. Both his talk and his actions are exemplary of TRUSIC.


A true creator at heart, when SES is not on the microphone or handling TRUSIC related activities, he is an Architect at Simmons Design & Development, Stewart Design Consultants, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  The epitome of a visionary and renaissance man.


His project entitled “Entreprenormous” is released at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.  Shows cancelled, momentum snuffed, but the energy is felt on this project.  Listen to SES open up about his entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge with this EP release.  Upbeat and bass heavy, SES shows us his mastered emcee abilities over these hard hitting anthems for the entrepreneur minded. “This project is the theme music for the go-getters, hustlers, influencers, and game changers”.

In February 2022, SES returns with his powerful new single "Infinite Black".  This banger is another ode to his Revolutionary Art and an anthem for the Universal Black Family.  Check it out below.

Follow his journey to greatness @SESVth on all social and musical platforms.

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SES Vth Playlist