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SIRE SI TrusicWorld Artist - Independent Record

When there is a conversation about who has the best vibe in hip-hop, the name Sire Si is usually in the mix.  


Known for his colorful, poetic style that’s chocked full of metaphoric lyrics and double and even triple entendres, Sire Si tends to choose very melodic, soulfully authentic Hip-Hop beats as the bed for his words. 


Born and raised in Newburgh, NY, he describes himself as an ethereal thinker who is literally in love with music. Thanks to parents who played lots of old school R&B (Otis Redding and others) and two brothers – one a rapper and the other a DJ – he gleaned an attachment to all things melodic early on.  But deciding on his focus came later.


“What do I write about? It depends on however my life is going,” he says. “Whatever experiences I’m going through will be what you hear – but my music has a sense of being grateful.” 


That sense is displayed throughout his newest project: K*** of the H*****. An homage to the variety of experiences he had growing up in a rough environment, Sire Si describes it an effort to recapture the “golden era” of the 90s and pay it forward. 


“I capture a pensive view of my city, what I see as an enlightened individual surrounded by so much darkness. It uplifts you, but it takes you on a painful ride while you’re in it,” he says.


The point is to make listeners remember the ride and keep hearing the message long after the EP has stopped.


“I’m trying to make everlasting music – not music that is here today, gone tomorrow,” he adds. “Some folks are quick to put out music because there is a necessity for it – but they jump into a lane of what I call ‘momentary music.’ That’s not me.” 


A genuinely unique artist who aims to inspire, Sire Si is as lyrical as he is thought evoking. Tune into the frequency of Sire Si.

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