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"Nobody Cares"- Sire Si

“Nobody cares...” the famous words of Sonny from the great nineties flick- “A Bronx Tale”. What exactly did Sonny mean? One can argue that it depends on the context, but in the midst of our current crisis, we have every opportunity to explore the validity of this statement and what those words mean to us. This is what Sire Si does in his latest single- “Nobody Cares”, a thoughtful song that speaks to our failure at times to stay connected with the people we claim that we care for.

Sire Si reminds us in this song that communication is a great tool for expressing love and genuine concern for the people in our lives. One thing we have seen throughout COVID-19 pandemic is that technology, in many ways, has made communication the easiest it has ever been in our history. We have the ability now to speak with and even see the faces of those we do not, or cannot, on a regular basis. So why wait until something bad or tragic happens to reach out?

In the past several weeks many of us have had family or friends that have been victims of various kinds of hardship. We have been asked to enforce social distancing and we do not know when things will be normal again. The demand for social justice is occupying our minds and hearts as we continue to see black bodies and lives being devalued in America. As such, we need to try even harder to stay connected and show support to each other. If you see something is wrong, if you do care, say something-do something. Do not wait until it is too late to appreciate or even check up on the people you care about. This song is a charge to prove Sonny wrong. So let’s get to it. Thank you, Sire Si.


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