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"Sunshine Darkness"- SES Vth

It’s really a shame what happened to this beat. So full of soul, melodious and smoother than cashew butter. May it rest in peace. “Sunshine Darkness” illustrates just how thin the line between love and hate can be when you love something as deeply as SES Vth loves music. His lyrics methodically and poetically reveal the motives behind what you could call a crime of passion.

Any one who has experienced the bitter-sweet feeling of sacrificing and putting your all into something (or someone) only to not have that love reciprocated, can relate to this song. Love and hate are two emotions that are complex enough to process on their own. Can you love something and hate it at the same time? Sure. Physiologically, our brains can barely distinguish the two feelings. But when we experience these moments of ambivalence, we get the chance to evaluate what is really important to us.

We should all ask ourselves: what expectations do we place on the objects of our affection? Wrong, right, or indifferent- how will we respond if our expectations are not met? Finally, what does said response teach us about ourselves? Leave a comment and tell us how you really feel.


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