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Recap: Three C’s with Dr. Kaba Kamene

It’s absolutely amazing to see what we can do when we are empowered. We came together on Sunday, April 24th 2016, and raised our collective consciousness. We proved that people are yearning to be fed knowledge of self! This is what our community should look like!

We want to give a huge thank you to our good brother and master teacher Dr. Kaba Kamene, who gave everyone in the room a super powerful message of Culture, Community, and Consciousness. This man is such a stellar human being and a shining role model for us all. He sat right in the crowd and made himself available to everyone who wanted to speak with him. On top of that, he made himself available after his speech to answer every question and take every picture requested. He and his humble son Heru, didn’t leave until after 10pm, we respect and appreciate that to the fullest. We were humbled, honored, and happy to be in the presence of such Greatness! EVERYONE left the Motorcylepedia Museum with smiles and a strengthened sense of knowledge and pride in our people/community. The ancestors were proud!

Next we would like to give a big thanks to all 20+ Black Owned Businesses who were present at the event and prepared to share their passions with us all, it was truly a sight to behold. The smells from our food vendors were so lively that people had no choice but to buy a plate! The art was amazing, the apparel was empowering and bold, jewelry and crystals were alluring people, the natural soaps, candles, and deodorants were sold out!

Speaking of Black owned businesses: thanks to Marvelous Life Entertainment (Ky EL / Frankee Victoria Ryan) for linking up with us to pull this magnificent event off. Ky EL you are a force of nature! Your speech may have changed a few peoples life.

Special thanks to our performing artists: Amani Olugbala, Horace Horus , Knowle’ge / Sev Statik / SES Da Great aka ‪#‎UND3RSTANDING‬,  and AyoNish!

Thanks to our sponsors at our Afrocentric Kids Corner: Little Kings & Queens Daycare, Inc., Makeup by Meme (Mekhil Boykin), and Art by AmW!

Last but certainly not least, thank you to EVERYONE who made this event a priority in their lives.  Dr. Kaba Kamene mentioned that “time” is the most precious thing in this world and we are truly humbled that you made time for this event. The effects will be monumental and will light the torch of others!!!

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