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"Young Heru"- SES VTH

We've got another banger for you! Using his knowledge and affinity for African mythology and history, SES Vth draws upon the story of a seminal deity to give us “Young Heru”.  The story of Heru is traced back to the ancient land of Kemet (now known as Egypt) and is known to be the world's first recorded story describing popular religious concepts such as the immaculate conception, resurrection, and an ascension into the Heavens.

The ancient writings depict Heru as a falcon which he transforms into after overcoming the biggest challenge in his life. For SES, this song represents his resurrection and ascension, both musically and spiritually.

If you notice, SES’ personal logo is inspired by the image of the rising falcon . He also wears necklaces and places images of Heru throughout his videos and artwork. 

“Drawing on the ancient symbology of Kemet

gives me strength and gives a nod to the ancestors.  Since a child I have been fascinated with the stories, imagery, and allegory from ancient Kemet.  Once the world's strongest, most intellectual and divine nation on Earth- I strive to tap into that legacy and apply their genius to my own art. This song is a statement of resilience and uprising.  I went through a lot of personal struggle between the years of 2016-2019 but I never stopped creating or believing in my craft though a lot of people thought my art and this powerful brand of TRUSIC was dead.” Special thanks to Nyrell @thewavyvegan for his upbeat and bass banging production that set the stage for this anthem.  Nyrell is also the sole producer on SES’ new EP “Entreprenormous” set to release on 3/31/20. Be sure to stream, download, like, and share this song to your social networks. 

The visualizer for this song was crafted by the super talented Jordan McClendon @average_jordinary_day. #KeepItTRUSIC

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