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GXTH TrusicWorld Artist - Independent Record Label


Introducing Ross Michael Dowe, bka Gxth (pronounced gåTH), an 18 year-old high school senior who started playing bass guitar at 12 before switching to guitar a year later.


“There was this kid in my class who told me I’d never be good at it, and that I should just stick with bass,” Gxth says. “This is something that I’ve heard a lot in my career - ‘You’ll never be famous. You’ll never be good. You’ll never get there.’ I use all that doubt as fuel to my fire.”


Growing up in poverty after his severely mentally ill mother left when he was only 2, Gxth says his father’s alcoholism provided inspiration. Though he had his demons and addictions, he told Gxth to never give up on music, instilling the value of what it meant to be a unique and rebellious individual. “He always told me that I’m going to be something and go somewhere if I work hard enough,” Gxth adds.  Mr. Dowe passed when he was 14, leaving Gxth with no family to care for him. He became a ward of the state, bouncing from one foster home to another. With emotionally manipulative and abusive guardians, he began having substance abuse issues.  But music was always his escape. Listening to everything from Kid Cudi and Chris Brown to The Killers via an old, Internet-less laptop and CDs borrowed from the library, Gxth blasted his favorites on repeat, imaging his life as a star pop icon.


Now in a wonderful home and surrounded by an amazing family who nurtured him and helped him become a person he’d imagined himself to be, Gxth is finally able to now know what it means to be a part of a family.  Currently, Gxth is focusing on his music and life after high school. 


“For once in my life I have direction, purpose, and a goal,” he says. “I want to share my thoughts and experiences with everyone who’s ever been through the same things as me.”

Stay tuned for Gxth's new project "Gxthic" releasing in 2020.

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