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Entreprenormous- SES Vth

Are you ready for some music that will make you feel inspired, fired-up, and about-your-business? Well, today is your day. SES Vth closes out March and opens up April with the official release of his new EP, "Entreprenormous". The six tracks that make up this project were intentionally crafted to make your head bop, shoulders shake, and opens your mind to visualizing your wildest dreams and most coveted goals.

"Phone Clickin'" sets the stage with a steady flow of stated goals and vibrant sounds. "Young Heru" comes in hard with head banging bass and a story of triumph. It then swings over to the lead single, "Money Mission", an anthem for those engaged with the art of visualization and manifesting success. "Work Talkin'" gives us the vibes of summer time in little Havana and simultaneously reminds you of the grit and passion captured in the movie "Hustle and Flow".

The project is rounded out by two gems focused on moving strategically, self-mastery, and the seeing the big picture. The first,"Next Move", features fellow group (Und3rstanding) members- Knowle'ge and Sev Statik. The three alchemists attend to the beat with business-like focus checking off all tasks on their latest agenda. The second, "Carry on", brings closure to the project as SES Vth shows his introspective side while asking listeners some pivotal questions underlying their journey.

Production by Nyrell provides a consistent, upbeat sound. The artwork and visuals bring added context to the music. Entreprenormous has everything you need to start your day off with a spark and to add some extra heat to the soundtrack of your grind.

To support this project and make an investment in our and your personal movements, download Entreprenormous and share this article with others. Look out for upcoming news about the accompanying audio-book to follow. Enjoy, and go get yours!


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