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Greetings Greetings Great Friends!

It's been a while since we've last connected with you. WE MISSED YOU DEARLY!!!!!

Who would've guessed a whole global plandemic ::cough cough:: we meant pandemic would completely throw off everything we thought to be "normal".

From the bottom of our hearts we hope that you all have been safe during this paradigm. If you have been affected by this virus an any way we truly wish you the best and pray that you rebound stronger than ever.

We at TRUSIC had major plans in 2020; from music releases, to shows and festivals, community events, and positive programming/media. Our endeavors took a huge blow but we are still here and looking forward to ending 2021 off right while setting the stage for a magnificent 2022 and beyond!

One thing we are excited to share with you is the UND3RSTANDING PODCAST! For those of you who know Knowle'ge, Sev Statik, and SES Vth- you know that these guys are some of the deepest thinkers, critical analyzers, and thought provoking artists in the world today. Dare we say, modern day philosophers?!

Their new podcast is two episodes in and it seems to get better every time.

The first episode they explored conversations about mental health and therapy, did an in depth breakdown of their debut album Und3rstanding, shared their thoughts on the infamous Chappelle special, and more.

For the second episode they "went there". Questions like "Who Controls Hiphop?" and "Is the music industry controlled by demonic forces" were at the forefront of this episode. They even speculated on what went wrong and who should be held accountable for the infamous Astroworld Festival disaster. For the Golden Era hiphop heads, you'll appreciate their banter on who won the Big Daddy Kane vs. KRS-One verzuz battle and the new Hulu streamable "Wu Tang Saga".

Overall we are proud of these brothers and looking forward to their next episodes!

Please do them a favor and Subscribe to their Youtube channel UND3RSTANDING 3 .

Be sure to drop a like and comment if any of their content resonates with you!! Replays of the episodes can be found below!

Lastly, we just want to let you know that we are still here being True, Righteous, Unique, Successful, Inspiring, & Creative! Stay tuned for the next set of content, music, and events coming from artists like Harmani, SES Vth, Poetyc Visionz, and more!

Stay blessed and as always #KeepItTRUSIC

Please do them a favor and Subscribe to their Youtube channel UND3RSTANDING 3 .

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